ETL.013: “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith” Interview with Chuck Shaffer (Part 2): Rebuilding From the Ashes of Ruined Faith, Family, and Church


Part one of this interview (ETL.011) covered Chuck’s fall that landed him in federal prison.  He had lost his faith, family, relationship with his church family, standing in the community and career.  How does one even begin to rebuild and restore all that has been lost?  Chuck has been able to do so. His insights are forged from the fires of bitter experience.

Important insights identified by Chuck for rebuilding and restoration:

1) The way home is through God and His word
2) Enlist the help of a trusted third party (especially in regard to rebuilding trust)
3) Build on previous foundation

  • Salvage what you have left from previous relationships and build from there

4) Journal

  • As Chuck said, it’s more difficult to lie to yourself when you write it down.

5) Re-prioritize

  • A major contributing factor in his fall was wrong priorities.  Immediately realign your priorities and go from there.

6) Do not neglect your church’s fellowship (be in the worship assembly).

  • Despite the shame and embarrassment you need to be there
  • Yes, some will be critical and judgmental, but also the ones who will support and encourage and forgive are there too.


Immediate steps to be taken by someone at rock bottom right now:

  • stop feeling sorry for yourself
  • know that God is there
  • make yourself available for spiritual help (seek out a preacher, elder, or other helper)
  • be in the church’s assembly
  • know that you are not done—this is not it for you!


Scriptures mentions by Chuck:

  • Hebrews 12:7-13
  • Psalm 51
  • Psalm 1
  • James 1:5
  • Genesis 37-50 (the story of Joseph and his brother and eventual forgiveness)


Chuck’s book: Reassembled

“The Journey of a Minister, Manager, Husband and Father as He Leaves God to wander into the Fantasy World of On-Line Chat and his Painful Journey Back to God, to Family and to Himself as he is Reassembled” [from the front cover]

Contact Chuck by email and he will make sure you receive a copy for the cost of shipping only.


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