ETL.014: “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith” Interview with Ronnie Crocker; From Drug Addiction to Prison to a Christian Rescuing Others


This interview…

is with Ronnie Crocker, founder and directer of Project Rescue, an addiction recover (primarily drug and alcohol) program that has turned around the lives of literally hundreds of individuals and provided help and hope to countless others through the resources they provide.

Ronnie’s unique perspective and qualification for leading this program is not any particular educational or technique training he’s received.  Instead, it is  but his own personal experience of recovery following fifteen years of drug abuse; being in and out of jails and rehab programs, countless “this is the last time” experiences, and finally landing in prison for having kidnapped a police officer.

Ronnie’s approach is an unabashed spiritual approach—you have to reclaim and fill the emptiness of your life (and this could apply to anyone, addict or not—with God.  Project Rescue’s success in hundreds and hundreds of lives argues strongly for its validity.


Two things MUST happen:

1) The only thing Ronnie says that will finally break the addiction, or the addiction—rehab—addiction—rehab—addiction cycle, is to hit rock bottom.  The pain of what has been destroyed has to finally be great enough to overcome the power of addiction.  Sadly, Ronnie says, most people die before this ever happens.

2) The emptiness that is left in one’s life—the emptiness that comes when the drug, or whatever, is removed having previously taken total control of one’s life and crowded out everything else out—must filled with God.  No therapy, no techniques, no program can ever fill the spiritual void in the addict’s life; only God.  This involves an ongoing five step process:

  • pray
  • read
  • study
  • do
  • teach (help others)

Ronnie’s poem,

written from prison in Florida, 1986:

Bricks and bars do not a prison make alone,
A prison there is also stronger than steel and stone.
Created is this bind,
By the working of our own spirit and mind,
And the way out no one can find,
If they choose to remain blind.

Ronnie’s arrest:

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Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.52.21 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.54.00 PM









Project Rescue has a success rate over double that of the national addiction recovery average (from Project Rescue website).

Ronnie’s phone number, offered to anyone who is in need of help right now:


Project Rescue website:


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