ETL.016: “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith” Interview with Amy Marcle and the nearly deadly mix of an eating disorder and diabetes and how she overcame


We’ve all heard of diabetes and we’ve all heard of eating disorders.  But did you know that the two together can present devastating, even deadly results?  The guest for this episode’s “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith” interview is Amy Marcle.

Amy tells the incredible story of a young teen being diagnosed with diabetes, driven by a sense of needing to be perfect, marrying, getting pregnant, and having a baby.  All the while she has learned to use her diabetic condition to first control her weight, then to become obsessed with weight loss—one area of her life she felt she could control and be successful at.  Her purposefully manipulated high blood sugar levels—as well as other weight loss “tricks”—were ravaging her body, her mind, her relationships; and in the process, her soul.

Amy leads us into her world of grossly skewed reality where patently destructive behaviors became “good,” those who loved her and wanted to help her were her “enemies,” and lying and deliberate deception became a way of life.  This Christian woman, wife, and mother became a walking, living (barely), breathing example of just how “darkened in their understanding” (Eph. 4:18) a person can become.  It all was taking its toll; mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  On one of almost countless emergency room visits a physician told Amy she had come within 30 minutes of death.

Learn how Amy’s innocent, toddler daughter provided the turning point that has brought her back.  Though recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process she has been restored to her Lord, her family, and her health.



Amy–not yet at her thinnest; she’d lose another 20 lbs


Amy today








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Slow Suicide: Living with Diabetes and an Eating Disorder  

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