ETL.023: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith Interview with Pat Peters; All Christians Ministering Effectively and Compassionately to Hurting People


Pat Peters began years ago as a youth minister attempting to encourage and train the young people he worked with to reach out to people in places of pain; at that time to people in a local hospital.  Before long, this led to his being invited to serve as a chaplain in the oncology ward of that hospital, which he did for several years.

Since then Pat has devoted a great part of his ministry as a preacher to serving people who are in places of pain.  In more recent years he has also devoted himself to training and encouraging individual Christians and congregations to do the same through workshops, individual speaking opportunities and even special training sessions with preachers in Christian universities and preacher training schools.


You will want to hear Pat discuss:

Recommendations for Christians to enter the world of the hurting

—a place we’d rather avoid
—how to have the right mindset going in

How to be be most effective in this situation

—letting them speak instead of worrying about saying the right right thing or making sure you get a chance to talk
—avoiding common mistakes (being afraid of saying the wrong thing, assuming you know the persons feelings or thoughts, telling “war stories” about similar (or not) situations
—practical things to do (listen honestly, make them the center of attention, ask them if they’s like to talk about it—the let them do it or not,

Thoughts on getting others involved in ministering to the hurting (and everyone is hurting in some way!)


Scriptures for Ministering to the Hurting

Matthew 22:34-40 and 25:40
loving our neighbor is so closely related to loving God

Psalms 22 and 23
“Psalms 23 always follows Psalm 22”
Psalms 22 expresses distress over God’s apparent absence and the hurting one feels, bhen Psalm 23, “The Lord is my shepherd…”.

The book of Philippians is very encouraging

All the situations were people are in dilemmas and God helps them and passages of the constancy of through all kinds of situations.


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