026: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith Interview with Ukrainian Christians During Upheaval and Conflict


UkraineUndoubtedly one of the most remarkable world events of the past three decades was the fall of the “Iron Curtain” and dismantling of the former Soviet Union.  Though considered by many a great event in the progress of freedom and democracy, the fallout from these world altering events is far from over.  Several nations broke away from the USSR including Ukraine in 1991.

The church in the west saw this as a great opportunity to evangelize this atheistic.  Many Christians, myself included, were completely unaware of the long and rich history of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Still, massive efforts were made, hundreds and thousands were converted and numerous congregations were planted.

The move to a free market system and democratic political process has not been easy or smooth.  Right now Ukraine is in the throws of political upheaval.  Mass rallies ousted the sitting president with a new presidential election scheduled for the near future.  In the meantime, pro-Russian separatists have taken action in eastern Ukraine (the area most heavily populated with native Russians) going so far as to holding a referendum election to separate the eastern part of the nation from the rest of Ukraine.  Blood has been shed, ordinary daily life has been greatly affected, and the churches find themselves in very difficult times.

This episode’s interview is with two of the preachers from Kramatorsk, Ukraine—Vladimir Paziy and Vitaly Rodichev—as well as some of the Christians in that community.  In it they speak to the uncertainty of their situation, their efforts to maintain peace in the church amidst a variety of political viewpoints, and the assurance and comfort they draw from their faith.



Screenshot 2014-05-14 11.20.33

Vladimir Paziy

Vitaly Rodichev

Vitaly Rodichev



Screenshot 2014-05-13 10.40.19

Christians in Kramatorsk, Ukraine during Skype call–Eugene Tebel (in blue shirt)









Favorite Bible Passages:

These are passages mentioned by Vladimir and Vitaly as well as several of the other Christians that they find most helpful in the middle of their uncertainty and turmoil.

     Psalm 37:3-9
     Psalm 71
     Psalm 89
     Psalm 23
     2 Kings 4
     Romans 8:28
     James 1
     1 Peter 1
     Revelation 2:10


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