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Through the Bible, May 11

Reading: 2 Kings 18-20

Summary: It is remarkable to think of a man like Hezekiah taking the throne of Judah; one of outstanding character and zeal for God’s will having come from a home where his own brother was offered by their father as a sacrifice to a pagan god (2 Kings 16:3).  Perhaps Hezekiah recognized what happened to Israel and why (it fell during his fourth year of reigning in Judah).  He worked relentlessly to restore the temple and the nation back to their rightful place before God.  No wonder so much space in the biblical text is given to the record of this great king’s rule.

Devotional Thought:

Three Keys to Spiritual Success

That Hezekiah was truly one of Judah’s great kings is undeniable.  Simply stated, “there was none like him” (2 Kings 18:5).  So what clues do we have to the secret of this man’s greatness?  Several points are apparent.

1) He took personal responsibility and accountability for himself.  No doubt, Hezekiah came from a horrible spiritual background.  His father was deeply engaged in the worship of pagan deities, even offering some of Hezekiah’s brothers (we don’t know how many) as human sacrifices (2 Chron. 28:2).  Despite this evil influence, Hezekiah did what was right.  His upbringing was no excuse for doing anything but what was right.

2) God’s word dictated his actions, not tradition.  Too often, people do what they do—even spiritually and religiously speaking—only because that’s what has always been done.  Hezekiah stopped the traditional offering of incense to Nehushtan.  This was the actual bronze serpent Moses had made in the wilderness, at God’s instruction, to save the people from the fiery serpents He had sent as punishment for the people’s sin (Num. 21:8-9).  No doubt the destruction of this authentic historic relic and this generations-old practice raised some eyebrows.  But the bottom line it was not a religious practice from God. Period.

3) He not only did what was right, but he trusted God (2 Kings 18:3,5).  Some who obey God put their confidence (trust) in their obedience.  That is they feel God’s acceptance of them is based on doing right.  Doing right is important, but being right in our attitude and disposition toward God is even more important (1 Sam. 15:22; Hos. 6:6).

Hezekiah has much to offer, if we’re willing to learn, about spiritual success.