Daily Archives: June 4, 2017

Through the Bible, June 4

Reading: Ezekiel 4-5; 13

Summary: Many of Ezekiel’s prophecies were acted out instead of spoken.  These included a miniature model of Jerusalem and its impending siege as well as Ezekiel shaving his head and beard and weighing and dividing the hair.

Chapter 13 stands as one of the classic texts in all of the Old Testament on false prophets.

Devotional Thought:

Stop Listening to God

Ok, that’s a bit rash.  How about stop listening to every message that claims to be from God. That’s better, isn’t it?  And those claims are everywhere, aren’t they?

“I received this message from the Lord…”

“The Lord laid this on my heart…”

“The Lord wants me to tell you…”

Really?  Did He?

If I listen to the Bible—which I know comes from God—it warns me to be wary of claims like this; when someone says, “Declares the Lord” (Ezek. 13:6).  Many times, the prophet says, they are really prophesying “from their own hearts,” they “follow their own spirit,” or “prophesy out of their own mind” and say “declares the Lord when the Lord has not sent them” (Ezek. 13:2,3,17).

I’m quite interested in what God has declared.  I also know where His declaration is to be found.  Just how interested I am in what God has to say is going to be evidenced in how interested I am in His word, the Bible.

Have you, practically speaking, stopped listening to God?