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June Week 2 Bible Reading Introduction

Week 2: Captivity Ends and Restoration Begins

June 8-14

         From an historic vantage point, this week’s readings come from the time of the captivity in Babylon.  Both Daniel and Ezekiel are active in this time as God’s servants delivering His message.  Though God is punishing His people by this act of removal from the land He’d given to them, He is not disinterested or disengaged from them. His continues to speak to them through His prophets.

The saga of God’s people continues on two fronts following the fall of Babylon to Cyrus the Great.  It is he who provides for the return of the Israelite people to their home country and many of them take advantage of this opportunity.  Ezra records the events of these early returns to Jerusalem.  Meanwhile, many of the Jews remain where they have now been for over 70 years.  Daniel is among them.  God remains active among His people in both locales.