Daily Archives: August 6, 2017

Through the Bible, August 6

Reading: John 9-10

Summary: When Jesus heals a man born blind it elicits a discussion regarding sin and its consequences, a question with which people struggle to this day.  Jesus also speaks to His role as the Good Shepherd.  What an encouraging and helpful picture of our Savior. Once again Jesus addresses His relationship with the Father, a truth that most of the Jews were unwilling to accept.

Devotional Thought:

God’s Glory Out of Tragedy

When is your appreciation for home at its highest?  Is it not when you are away and deprived of its pleasures?  When are you most aware of the blessing of a friendship?  It’s when distance or other circumstances make the close and desired association impossible.  The old saying is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder.  It’s in absence that sensitivity and hunger are most keen for that which we are without.  Beauty, goodness, and blessing are often most appreciated in the context of want, lacking, and need.

Might this truth be what is behind Jesus’ statement—at least in part—that the man born blind was in such a condition not because of either of his own or his parents’ sin, but “that the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:3)?

It certainly is not the case that God brought misery and deprivation into the man’s life to provide the means by which His great power could be shown.  God doesn’t hurt people just to turn around and bless them–how capricious and small.  But it is true that God’s power and goodness are most evident when great blessing is brought into the life of one who suffers or has been without.

Just like a glorious light beaming out of the darkness; in reality, the light is no brighter than usual, but the context makes it appear so.  It’s more evident.  It’s more noticed and appreciated.  So too the glory and the power of God when evidenced in the life of the suffering, hurting, and deprived.