Daily Archives: September 3, 2017

Through the Bible, September 3

Reading: Acts 5-6

Summary: In addition to the opposition form the outside, the first internal problems within the newly established church also begin to surface.  It first comes from ones seeking notoriety as bestowed on especially benevolent brethren, but then also along old ethnic lines among the Jews between those speaking Hebrew and Greek.

Even the Lord’s enterprise of beginning His church is not without its pitfalls and problems from both inside and out.

Devotional Thought:

What Would You Call Jesus?

I enjoy it when someone says complimentary things about my wife, my kids, or any of my family. I suppose it’s a bit of pride or some such thing. And when someone says something I haven’t heard before, it’s especially pleasant.

The same is true with Jesus. The Bible, at times, says something about Jesus that is out of the ordinary. For instance, there is a name for Jesus that is used in only two books of the New Testament, Hebrews, and Acts, and only twice in each of those books (Heb. 2:10; 12:2; Act 3:15; 5:31). The name is Archagos. Our English translators find it a hard word to translate, not because we don’t know what it means, but because there are so many different words that could be used. It’s a word that carries the sense of originator and thus an author.  It also suggests the first to do something and the primary figure in that regard, thus a leader and an example and so a pioneer, founder, trailblazer, or prince.  It’s a very expressive and versatile term and also a hard little word to precisely nail down. And, it’s an apt name for Jesus.

So, in regard to our faith, He is called the author (Heb. 12:2). As the one killed by men but raised from the dead, He is the originator of life itself (Acts 3:15).  He is exalted to God’s right hand, He is prince (Acts 5:31).  As to humanity’s salvation, He is its founder (Acts 2:10).

What a great name for Jesus!  And it makes me proud to think of all the different ways I can think of my wonderful Savior!