Hello! My name is David.

Greetings and welcome!


My purpose in this website is to provide assistance, encouragement, and guidance with respect to the most impactful, influential, and dynamic book to grace the planet throughout human history. Of course, I’m talking about the Bible.

Let’s face it, life is challenging at best, and much of the time it’s downright hard. We need all of the help and assistance we can get. That’s exactly what God is wanting to do for us through His written revelation. But, quite frankly, it’s underutilized and frequently neglected.

I’m so very glad you’ve stopped by. I’m honored that you’ve done so and I’ll do my best to make sure that it won’t be a one-time visit.

Still with me? Good.

Let me quickly introduce myself. My name is David Deffenbaugh. I wear the hats of husband, father, “Papa” (one of my favorites along with my cohort, “Gran”), fly fisherman, a fan of the Major League Baseball St. Louis Cardinals, author, home coffee barista, sometimes podcaster, preacher, and Jesus-follower.

I have authored two, year-long, daily Bible reading and devotional guides–The Road Home and Better Days, and I’ve co-authored a third, Strength for the Journey

This blogging website is about meaningful and intentional Bible reading (click here for my thoughts about this). I post a daily suggested Bible reading text along with a short devotional thought drawn from that text. These are accessible (of course) here on the website, but you can also find links to the daily posts on Twitter (keep reading). In addition to the daily reading/devotional posts, once a week I will also write a post related to the Bible and Bible reading. These weekly posts will be announced in the email newsletter (you can sign up for that by going here).

If you are the social media type, I can be found there as well. I’m not on all the formats. I know some people are invigorated by being on them all, I’m exhausted by them. So, I keep it fairly simple. On Facebook look for I Read the Word. On Twitter, you can find me at @davideffenbaugh.

I do host another website titled Enjoy True Living: Learn Christ and Live (click here). It has a broader range of subject matter, all related to being a Christ-follower, and, of course, this site is exclusively about Bible reading.

So, as I’m in danger of prattling on, let me wrap this up. Thanks for stopping by and I would invite (and recommend) you to sign up to receive email updates and information from me on the form below.