April Week 4 Bible Reading Introduction

Week 4: The Kingdom Divides and the Ministry of Elijah

April 22-28

            In a response reminiscent of King Saul who tried to kill David because he knew he’d been selected as the next king instead of his own son, Solomon tried to kill Jeroboam because the prophet Ahijah had said he would take most of the kingdom from his son (1 Kings 11:40).

With Solomon’s death Jeroboam returned from exile in Egypt and the groundwork was laid for the prophesied division of the kingdom.

The time of the divided kingdom is quite tumultuous.  It is precisely because of these spiritually precarious times that God begins to use prophets as never before.  It is at this time that the great prophet Elijah comes on the scene and in the midst of the stories of the various kings of these two kingdoms, Elijah plays a quite prominent role.

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