My Delight is the Lord, March 12

March 12, Saturday: God’s Story (2)

Scripture Reading: Genesis 46:1-34

Take a Step Back

As it is happening, what is happening isn’t obvious. We have to step back and think about it a minute. Jacob and his family are moving to Egypt. They are leaving the land that had been promised to Jacob, as well as his father and grandfather before him. Now he is leaving. God even has to intervene and convince Jacob to do it (v. 3). Think about all that has happened to even make this possible. Think about what is going to happen in coming generations to this family turned great nation. Think about how God told Abraham all of this years previous (Gen. 15:13-14). Think about all of the people and all of the events with and through whom God has worked and will work. Jacob moving his family to Egypt is one part of this; an event seen by God previously and one that will set the stage for still more to come. My God and your God is Jacob’s God. It is a wonder to watch Him work.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Why would Jacob be afraid to go down to Egypt? (v. 3)
  • What sons of Joseph were born in Egypt? (v. 20)
  • How did Jacob respond to seeing Joseph? (v. 30)
  • How did Egyptians view shepherds? (v. 34)

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