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Through the Bible, August 19

Reading: Luke 8

Summary: Luke gives interesting insight into the group who accompanied Jesus as He traveled and preached.  Not only did it include the twelve, but also a number of women.  Notice also the mention of financial support.

Jesus’ ministry continues in familiar fashion with teaching in parables, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, and even calming a storm.  Interjected among these events is a rare encounter with Jesus’ physical family.

Devotional Thought:

Dead or Asleep?

Has someone ever said or done something so silly or ridiculous that you laughed at them?  The intention may not be to be demeaning or hurtful, but the suggestion is just so outlandish it can’t be helped.  There’s nothing to do but laugh.

This happened to Jesus.  Not that He laughed at anyone, but people laughed at Him.  And they did so for the very reasons mentioned above.  What Jesus had said was just so ridiculous, they couldn’t help but laugh.  And what was that?  He suggested that mourners should not weep because Jairus’ daughter was “not dead but sleeping” (John 8:52).

And wasn’t it laughable?  This girl was dead. So yes, from a human perspective the suggestion was ludicrous.  Asleep? You’ve got to be kidding!  And no, Jesus was not saying that she was literally in the condition of slumber from which anyone could awaken her.  That requires no special ability or power; it’s not difficult at all.  For Jesus, though, raising the dead was not difficult either; about like waking up someone asleep.

Death is totally beyond our capacity to control, but not for Jesus.  He took the girl by the hand, said, “Child arise,” and her spirit returned to her and she got up at once.  As simple as gently shaking someone from a restful sleep.

The truly laughable thing is that anyone would fail to bow in absolute submission to Jesus Christ, Lord of both the living and the dead.

The Joy of God’s Presence, March 26

March 26, Thursday: Great Truths

Scripture Reading—Ephesians 2:1-10

A popularly released movie from several years ago contained a mind-bending twist when the bizarre and highly unusual events surrounding the two primary characters were explained by revealing that they were actually dead the whole time (The Sixth Sense). The reality (in the movie) was not at all what it appeared to be. The reality in this life is not what it appears to be either. Many—rather, most—of those now living are actually dead. That is just as tragic and awful as it sounds. Our trespasses and sins leave us dead. Following the passions of our flesh and desires of our body results in a spiritual consequence just as serious, just as irreversible, just as final as physical death; and also just as repugnant and repulsive. Here, though, is something incredible: “But God”! But God makes us alive through Jesus Christ.

Questions to Ponder:

  • What three things are being followed by those dead in sin? (v. 2)
  • What does it mean that we were by nature children of wrath? (v. 3)
  • To what other event is our being raised up (v. 6) likened? (see 1:20)
  • For what have we been created by God? (v. 10)