Through the Bible, January 18

Read: Genesis 20-22

Summary: The child of promise finally arrives.  God then asks Abraham to do the unthinkable and Abraham obeys.

Devotional Thought:

God Promised

Simplicity can mask profundity.  Such is the statement, “the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised” (Gen. 21:1).

The long promised child finally arrived.

From Sarah’s vantage point, “she considered him faithful who had promised” (Heb. 11:11).  Not that she contentedly waited 25 years for the fulfillment.  After eleven years with no child, she took some regrettable action trying to fulfill God’s promise for Him (Gen. 16).  Still later the whole notion seemed laughable to her (Gen. 18:12).

Still, God did as He had promised.

That assures us that He will continues to do as He has promised.  No more genuinely profound truth can be known. No matter how unlikely, improbable, or laughable it may seem; God’s word is sure.

Sarah counted on it and so can we.

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