Through the Bible, January 20

Read: Genesis 23-25

Summary: Sarah dies, Abraham remarries and Isaac finds a wife.  Abraham dies.  Isaac and Rebekah’s twin sons, Jacob and Esau, are born.

Even for great Patriarchs, life goes on.

Devotional Thought:

Angels at Work

I’m glad I wasn’t Abraham’s servant.   Imagine being given the job of traveling to a distant land to secure a wife for your master’s son.  The servant was justified in his concern that he might have trouble finding a woman willing to take him up on this outlandish offer.  Imagine: “Come with me and become the wife of a man you’ve never met, based solely on what I, a stranger, am telling you!”

Here’s why I love this story.  Abraham’s assurance to the servant was that God would “send his angel before you” (Gen. 24:7). Now, just go ahead and read the story of how Rebekah agreed to this stranger’s offer and became Isaac’s wife. Find the angel.  What did he do?  What role did he play?

We just don’t know.  We know he was there and contributed to the success of this improbable venture, but we don’t know how.

Here’s something else we know.  God’s angels are at work still today ministering on behalf of “those who are to inherit salvation” (Heb. 1:14).  I don’t know how or when or where.  I just know they are.

I love that.

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