Through the Bible, January 21

Read: Catch up if needed.

Today is the scheduled “catch up” day for the third week of January (15-21), so no reading is scheduled.

Reflection and Thought:

Here are some things to think about based on this past week’s reading.

  1. Abraham had his failures. He misrepresented (lied?) about his relationship to Sarah for fear of physical harm (Gen. 12:10-20; 20:1-18). How have you, even unintentionally, demonstrated a lack of faith in God’s provisions and protection?
  1. Everything about Abraham and Sarah’s circumstances screamed the impossibility of their ever having a child. Do God’s promises and assurances ever seem as impossible to me?
  1. The wives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all had barren wombs. Repeated insurmountable obstacles–from a human perspective–demonstrate the work of God through the chain of events from generation to generation among the Patriarchs. What obstacles do you presently face, believing they are keeping God’s will from being accomplished in your own life?

Devotional Thought:

Be Genuine

Are you hesitant to allow other people to see your weaknesses, faults, and foibles?

Most of us are.  We present our public persona as orderly, happy, well-managed, and well-nigh-on-to perfect.  When the reality tends more toward confused, messy, weak, and befuddled.

We are hesitant–to say the least– to allow people to see the real us.


Probably fear of rejection.  We want to be worthy of other’s acceptance so we present the very best “us” we can muster, whether it’s really true or not.

Now, I’m not suggesting we just throw out for public consumption every tidbit of negativity about our lives for the sake of openness.  There is something to be said for thinking and doing better than we may feel, for ruling our own emotions and overcoming our circumstances.  You know, not being a victim, but choosing and living the life we want.

Think about how God presents Abraham.  Yes, he is the man of remarkable faith, but he’s also the man who was afraid and wasn’t fully honest about his relationship with Sarah.  He was not perfect.  And the Bible is sure to let us know that.

Neither are we.  God knows it and despite our best efforts to convince people otherwise, they know it too.  Our acceptance by God, and others, is not based on perfection.

We need to get over ourselves and be genuine.

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