Through the Bible, July 18

Reading: Matthew 22-23

Summary: Jesus’ interaction with the multitudes in Jerusalem and the religious leaders continue. The leaders plot their efforts to discredit Jesus (remember, His popularity makes apprehending Him difficult, see 21:45-46), but to no avail.  Questions had been posed to Jesus and He returned them as well.  Finally, realizing their efforts were in vain, they asked Him no more.

In chapter 23 Jesus becomes very direct in His confrontation with the scribes and Pharisees, pronouncing on them seven woes.

Devotional Thought:

Is Anybody Ever Wrong?

In these days of PC (political correctness) gone to seed, nobody is ever wrong anymore.  For someone to be wrong would demand a universal standard to which all people are accountable.  But, a cardinal tenant of post modern philosophy (know it or not, like it or not, this is the dominant attitude and philosophy of our day) is that there are no such absolutes.  Every idea, according to this way of thinking, is equally valid.

The implications of this philosophy are wide spread, devastating, and anti-biblical—not just unbiblical.  What is more, Jesus knew nothing of it.  He told the Sadducees, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God” (Matthew 22:29).

That’s a loaded statement.  It’s loaded with contradictions to the modern, common way of thinking.  First of all Jesus said someone was wrong.  There was a standard or measure of reality and truth about which they were mistaken.  What is more their misunderstanding was regarding Scripture and God.  The Bible was something to which they were accountable and God was not some being according to their own liking or making.  He was not just whatever they wanted Him to be.

No, it’s not PC and it doesn’t mesh with today’s philosophy but as these have come, they will also go.  Meanwhile Jesus has always been, and will always be; and in the end will be my judge.  As out-of-touch as it might seem, I’ll stick with Jesus on this one.

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