Through the Bible, June 11

Reading: Ezekiel 37, 38

Summary: The imagery of the valley of dry bones provides a striking and memorable message to God’s people of God’s ability to restore His people no matter how far gone they may appear to be (chapter 37).

The message regarding Gog of Magog (chapter 38) finds life again near the end of the Bible (Rev. 20).

Devotional Thought:

Life’s Dry Bones

Is all hope gone?  Is there any way for the problem to be fixed? for the hurt to be healed? for the destroyed to be rebuilt? for scattered to be gathered? for the soiled to be cleaned?

What is wrong in your life and what can be done about it?

Don’t be too fast to answer.  God has something to say about this.

It’s one of Ezekiel’s most memorable prophecies, and with good reason.  The imagery is striking, but it’s the message that’s most important.

“Very many” bones, “very dry” bones, scattered over a valley (Ezek. 37:2).  God asks Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?”  Ezekiel’s judicious answer is, “O Lord God, you know.” (v. 3).

Of course, they could, because God could cause them to do so.  And He did.

What are the dry bones of your life?  How many are there and how dry are they?   Can these bones live?

O Lord God, you know.

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