Through the Bible, June 12

Reading: Ezra 1, 3

Summary: Babylon fell to the Persians.  Babylon had a policy of dealing with conquered people (such as Judah and others) to take them into captivity.  The Persians did not.  The inherited captives of Babylon were allowed to return home.  It all transpired just as God had said through Jeremiah.

The first group of Jews to return to Jerusalem was led by Zerubbabel.  Their primary intent was to rebuild the temple.  The completion of its foundation was cause for great rejoicing.

Devotional Thought:

Go Home

Out of sorts?  Lost?  Troubled?  Unhappy?  Dissatisfied? Hurting?

You probably haven’t always been, have you?  Can you remember a time when this wasn’t the case?

It’s just possible—very possible—that in order to get back where you were, you need to get back where you were.  What I mean is, you need to go home.  Maybe that is somehow true physically, but it is most certainly true spiritually.

Zerubbabel started just such a process when he led the first of the Jews from Persia back to Judah and Jerusalem (Ezra 1).  God’s plan and purpose were moving forward.  Eventually, His Son would come in the flesh, born in Bethlehem of Judea. But right now, what needed to happen is these people needed to come home.

Jesus’ famous parable of the prodigal son turned on the realization by that wayward boy that he needed to return home to his father (Luke 15:17-18).

Each of us—all of us—need to be at home with our Father.

It’s time to return.

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